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sunflower oil factory for production

Sunflower oil is one of the most popular vegetable oils in the world. It is obtained from sunflower seeds, which contain up to 50% oil. The quality of the oil depends on the quality of the raw material, the production process, and storage conditions.

The main quality parameters of sunflower oil are:
  1. High-quality oil has a light yellow color without impurities.
  2. Taste and aroma. The oil should have a pleasant neutral taste and aroma without foreign impurities.
  3. Acid number. This is an indicator of the amount of free fatty acids in the oil. The lower the acid number, the higher the quality of the oil.
  4. Peroxide value. This is an indicator of the degree of oil oxidation. The lower the value, the higher the quality of the oil.
  5. High-quality oil should have a certain density depending on the type of product.

Ninna Holding International uses only high-quality raw materials for the production of sunflower oil. Sunflower seeds undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, from planting to harvest. We only cooperate with verified suppliers who guarantee the quality of their products.

The process of sunflower oil production includes several stages: cleaning seeds from impurities, grinding them into flour, extracting oil using solvents, refining, and degumming the oil. As a result, a clean and high-quality oil is obtained that meets all quality standards.

Ninna Holding International offers its customers wholesale sunflower oil from the factory. We guarantee high product quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices. You can order both refined and unrefined oil from us in various packaging and volumes.

Our company has many years of experience in selling sunflower oil on the market, which allows us to provide our customers with only the best products. We are ready to offer you favorable cooperation conditions and help you choose the most suitable option for oil delivery.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of sunflower oil wholesale, contact Ninna Holding International. We guarantee high product quality and excellent service.


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