Why wheat flour from Ninna Holding International is best suited for making khinkali, vareniki, and dumplings

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Preparing traditional dishes like khinkali, vareniki, and dumplings requires special attention to ingredient selection, with wheat flour being a key component. In this article, we’ll explore why T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International is the best choice for crafting these delicious dishes.

Quality of T550 Wheat Flour:

T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International stands out for its high quality and unique characteristics. It’s not just about the degree of grinding but also about the physicochemical composition of the flour, making it an ideal choice for shaping khinkali, vareniki, and dumplings.

Physicochemical Composition:

T550 wheat flour is rich in fiber, providing the dough with elasticity and resilience. This is crucial when working with dough that requires shaping and forming. Additionally, the high gluten content ensures excellent leavening and elasticity, essential for achieving soft and tender casings for khinkali and vareniki.

Ideal Texture and Integrity of Products:

When preparing dough based on T550 wheat flour, it easily takes shape without losing its integrity. This means you can create thin and durable casings for khinkali, vareniki, and dumplings, preserving the shape and flavor qualities of the filling.

Excellent Dough Behavior during Cooking:

Dough made from T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International behaves admirably during cooking. Thanks to its high gluten content, it maintains its shape and doesn’t lose its texture even after boiling. This is particularly important for dishes where the integrity and taste of the casing after the cooking process are crucial.

Choice of Professionals:

Chefs, bakers, and culinary experts worldwide choose T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International for their khinkali, vareniki, and dumpling recipes. It’s not just flour; it’s a key element that imparts exceptional taste and texture to dishes.


T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International becomes an indispensable component for making khinkali, vareniki, and dumplings. Its unique physicochemical composition ensures excellent dough behavior, the integrity of products after cooking, and superb taste. Culinary professionals recognize this flour as a reliable ingredient that elevates culinary art to a new level.


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