Ninna Holding International has received new quality certificates for its products, confirming compliance with standards

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Quality certificates with laboratory test results for wheat flour and sunflower oil

Ninna Holding International, a company engaged in wholesale sales of wheat flour and sunflower oil, has received new quality certificates for its products. Obtaining these documents confirms compliance with quality and safety standards, ensuring the high quality of the company’s products.

On August 17, 2023, Ninna Holding International received the results of laboratory tests for wheat flour and sunflower oil products. The certificates indicate the main indicators necessary for the technologists of our clients’ various productions. The documents can be found on our website in the Certificates section.

Ninna Holding International offers its customers high-grade T550 wheat flour and refined oil packaged in 5-liter bottles. The products are stored and shipped from the warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. Wholesale shipments from the warehouse are made by car and sea transport.

Ninna Holding International cares about its customers and offers favorable cooperation conditions. Wholesale sales at mutually beneficial prices guarantee high profitability of production. The company’s products are competitive, highly liquid, and of high quality, ensuring successful sales in retail chains, stores, and online stores.

The quality certificates obtained by Ninna Holding International confirm its commitment to high-quality standards for its products. Customers can be confident in the safety and quality of the company’s products, which contributes to the successful development of their business.


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