Ideal flour for superb dumplings and polish pierogi

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Ukrainian dumplings and Polish pierogi

Preparing traditional dishes like Ukrainian dumplings and Polish pierogi requires careful consideration of the choice of wheat flour. In this article, we will examine the key requirements for wheat flour for perfect dumplings and pierogi, with an emphasis on the high-quality T550 flour from Ninna Holding International.

Quality of T550 wheat flour:

T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International is not just an ingredient; it is a crucial element for creating brilliant Ukrainian dumplings and Polish pierogi. Let’s assess its quality by analyzing the physicochemical composition with specific figures and indicators.

Physicochemical composition in numbers:

  • High gluten content (approximately 12-14%): This provides the dough with elasticity, allowing for the creation of thin and sturdy casings for dumplings and pierogi.
  • Low ash percentage (up to 0.55%): Minimizing ash ensures the purity of the flour, crucial for the delicate taste and color of the dough.
  • Relatively high moisture level (around 14%): This contributes to the ease of working with the dough and ensures good shaping.

Dough behavior and integrity of products:

Dough prepared with T550 flour exhibits excellent characteristics during shaping. It rolls out easily, maintaining its structure without tearing. Importantly, dumplings and pierogi made from this dough show resilience during cooking, retaining integrity and shape even after boiling.

Requirements for products on the guest’s plate:

Perfect Ukrainian dumplings and Polish pierogi, made with T550 wheat flour, should meet the following criteria:

  • Thin and Elastic Casings: Dumplings and pierogi should have thin but sturdy casings that add texture and retain shape.
  • Preserved Structure of Products: After cooking, the products should maintain their structure, not falling apart and retaining their form.
  • Gentle Taste and Aroma: It’s essential for the flour not to introduce foreign flavors but, on the contrary, enhance the delicacy and aroma of the filling.


T550 wheat flour from Ninna Holding International is an ideal choice for preparing Ukrainian dumplings and Polish pierogi. Its high-quality physicochemical composition provides the necessary characteristics to create outstanding dishes that delight guests with their taste, texture, and appearance.


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