How the quality of wheat flour affects the preparation of various products

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White flour flying into air as pastry chef in white suit slams ball dough on white powder covered table

The quality of wheat flour is one of the most important factors in the preparation of various products. It directly affects the final result and can impact the taste and texture of dishes. Poor quality flour can result in inedible confectionery products and frozen semi-finished products that are unsuitable for consumption.

The main indicators of wheat flour quality include protein content, gluten content, ash content, moisture content, and color. Each of these indicators is important for determining the quality of flour. For example, high protein content indicates that the flour is suitable for making bread and other products that require good structure and rising. High gluten content indicates that the flour is suitable for making dough that needs to be kneaded for a long time.

Good quality wheat flour simplifies the preparation process and increases productivity. For example, high-quality flour mixes more easily with other ingredients and quickly turns into dough. This allows for a shorter preparation time and an increase in the number of finished products.

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