Features of sunflower oil production technology

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It is no secret that the quality of sunflower oil depends on many factors, starting from the raw material, through the production process, and ending with the storage conditions of the finished product. In this article, we will look at the features of sunflower oil production technology to ensure high-quality oil and maximum preservation of beneficial substances and vitamins.

The production technology of sunflower oil begins with the arrival of seeds at the plant. The seeds undergo a process of cleaning and sorting, after which they are sent for roasting. Roasting of seeds takes place in special rotary ovens at a temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius. During roasting, oil is extracted from the seeds, giving them a characteristic taste and aroma.

After roasting, the seeds are sent for mechanical cleaning from the shells, which takes place in special machines. Then the seeds undergo a process of crushing, which is carried out in screw presses. During the crushing process, the seeds turn into a mass that contains oil and cake.

Next, the mass is sent for extraction, where oil is extracted from the cake. As a result of extraction, crude oil is obtained, which is then subjected to refining.

Refining takes place in several stages. First, crude oil undergoes a degumming process, during which phospholipids are removed from the oil. Then the oil undergoes a bleaching process, during which coloring substances and other impurities are removed. After that, the oil is subjected to deodorization, during which odors and aromatic compounds are removed.

After refining, the oil is ready for packaging and sale. Refined oil has a higher degree of purification and retains its properties longer than unrefined oil. However, unrefined oil retains most of the beneficial substances such as vitamins and antioxidants.

The production technology of sunflower oil is a complex and labor-intensive process that requires highly qualified personnel and the use of modern equipment. Ninna Holding International guarantees the high quality of its product by using only verified suppliers and complying with all production standards. Quality is confirmed by laboratory research and exclusively positive reviews from our customers. We offer sunflower oil packaged in bottles of 5 liters, 1-liter bottles, and also in bulk in tanks. Delivery to your warehouse or point of sale is carried out from Tallinn (Estonia) by logistics companies: by road, rail, and sea transport.


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